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omri marcus

My Name is Omri Marcus

and my job is to make things interesting.

No, really, for over a decade I've been working on a vast range of projects - from commercial campaigns to TV series, and from content marketing for startups to political initiatives. I have a knack for finding the hidden potential in ideas, bringing them to life, and maximizing their impact.

My lifelong journey is to invent and discover new ways to tell stories that matter. This includes passionately advocating for the power of technology to connect people and cultures through storytelling. I am a regular contributor to a variety of outlets and can typically be found speaking somewhere in the world about the intersection of technology and content.

All formats of creative
Creative Strategy

A diverse range of creative challenges in different industries and scales. From launching a new Ice-Cream delivery service to an international project to attract audiences back to cinemas across Europe or even navigating the complexities of a political crisis. It is all creative strategy.

Red Arrow

Creative manager of commercial and political campaigns in Israel and abroad.

For example, The Meretz Campaign for Israel's general elections brought the party its best achievement in years.


From dating shows in China to mobile games in the UK and from extreme cooking segments in the US to interactive reality shows in India - I just love the development process.

Collaborations with MGM, SONY, Red Arrow Entertainment, Dick Clark Productions, Armoza formats, Mark Burnett, and more.


Writing regularly to a series of publications in Israel and abroad about the future of content and technology, comedy, and op-eds about politics.


Lecturing all over the world about content, from the development of shows and how content can drive social change. Over the last few years, I gave lectures about TV at MIP (Cannes, France), at NYU (New York City, USA) at the YouTube Champions event (Tel-Aviv, Israel), the EBU gathering (Berlin, Germany), the Norwegian TV festival (Oslo, Norway), Giving a masterclass in Uzbekistan, hosting a panel in Armenia & more.


2022 PR tips for Ukraine 

2014 JJJ: Comedy for a Change

2020 MERETZ Campaign 

omri marcus

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